What size blade do you use for a puppy cut?


The term puppy cut generally refers to a specific grooming style for dogs, and it doesn't necessarily dictate a specific blade size universally. The exact blade size used for a puppy cut can vary depending on the breed, coat type, and the desired length of the cut. Different groomers and pet owners may have their preferences, but some common blade sizes for achieving a puppy cut include:

30 pet blade

Comb Attachments:

Some groomers may use clip-on comb attachments over the blades to achieve a specific length. Combs are available in different lengths, allowing for more flexibility in the desired cut.

It's important to note that the puppy cut can vary in style, and it might involve trimming the body hair to a shorter length while leaving the head and ears slightly longer for a balanced look. Additionally, the appropriate blade size may depend on the specific grooming preferences of the pet owner or the requirements of a particular breed.

30 pet blade

If you are grooming your own dog, it's advisable to start with a longer blade and gradually go shorter until you achieve the desired length. Always use caution when using clippers on your pet, and be mindful of any potential skin irritation or discomfort.

For precise advice tailored to your dog's breed and coat type, it's recommended to consult with a professional groomer or your veterinarian. They can provide guidance on the best grooming practices based on your dog's individual needs.

30 pet blade

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