Do you know how to choose the right electric shaver for you?


1. Rotary electric shaver

Rotary shaver is a central rotating motion, circular motion can be continuous one-way shaving, quiet operation without vibration, more comfortable clothes. But because the center of the knife is solid, it can't be shaved, so when dealing with some facial dead spots, you need to shave back and forth several times to get clean.


2. Reciprocating electric shaver

The reciprocating blade head is long, and the effective shaving area is larger. Reciprocating shaver at work, the blade between the left and right straight relative motion, strong into the motor drive knife mesh back and forth shaving beard, although the shock is strong, but for thick and hard texture bearded players is absolutely the choice. And swinging from side to side of the head will not appear rotary shaver tug beard phenomenon.


The disadvantage is that the use of vibration, noise, comfort is not good, sometimes after shaving the upper and lower lip will be very uncomfortable.

① not much beard, soft: recommended to choose rotary shaver, shaving comfort.

② Thick beard, hard: recommended to choose reciprocating shaver, shaving cleanliness.

③ Also refer to how often you shave. If you shave every day or 2-3 days, look for a rotating brand. It's cleaner, faster, and more comfortable. If you shave once a week, it's recommended to choose reciprocating or rotating, plus an electric fader to go with it
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